IT Infrastructure

Providing a solid and resilient communications infrastructure for your organisation is our core competency. We understand that timely communications forms the lifeblood of any organisation and appreciate the challenges of future-proofing the network infrastructure to allow for business growth and expansion.

Our method of designing and deploying network infrastructure focuses on protecting existing technology investment and building a deep understanding of our client’s needs and operating environment. We offer a “vendor neutral” approach, adding true value with our core competencies spanning consultancy and post-sales support and our solutions are tailored to suit every business model and budget.

Desktop/Server Hardware

We supply and install a full range of  desktops, laptops and servers from some of the world’s leading manufacturers including Dell, HP and Toshiba.

We can provide both Windows and Linux based platforms to suit your business structure.



Local Area Networks

We assist organisations to share resources and business line applications to improve employee collaboration with real-time, high-speed switching technology.

We are experts in both wired and wireless connectivity so whatever your business infrastructure we can provide the solution that best suits.



Wide Area Networks

We build cost-effective branch office and private network connectivity allowing swift, secure exchange of information between employees, customers and suppliers.

Through the use of remote VPN’s your office network is accessible now if you have multiple locations.

We leverage the increasing availability of broadband technology and deploy innovative connectivity solutions which result in higher performance and significantly reduced telecommunications costs.


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