Payroll & VAT Processing

FDC Bookkeeping Bureau is a friendly, professional service, designed to accommodate all your bookkeeping and accountancy needs. We aim to alleviate the stress and time-costly burden of bookkeeping and accountancy.

We will undertake all aspects of bookkeeping including VAT returns, Management accounts, Profit and Loss accounts, Balance Sheets, right down to Self Assessment tax returns. Whether you are a company that requires in house help 1 - 2 days a week, or a sole trader needing assistance just a few times during the year, we can help.

The day to day running of your business can be very time consuming in its own right, never mind trying to keep up with current legislation.


1. Organise
Book-keeping, or whatever term for it you prefer, is essentially about being organised. But some of us just aren’t and some of us just simply don’t have the time or inclination, which is why the FDC team of experienced book-keepers are on hand to help out. Whether it’s taking care of your sales and purchase ledgers, dealing with sales receipts or anything else in between, we can help.

2. Invoice
The anything else in between might include invoicing your clients, lightening the load by ensuring invoices go out in time, go out at all and taking care of credit control. If it helps, we can also second a member of our staff to you. All our services are tailored to your requirements and though you might want one service, you may not want another and this is what our first meeting is all about – getting to know you and your business.

3. Purchasing
On the flip side, anything else in between may include making purchase payments on your behalf or informing you when suppliers require payment. Similarly, when VAT returns are due, we can complete them for you, help you complete them or simply check them over for you. As we mentioned, this is your service; so whatever you want, goes.

4. Relax
For some, book-keeping is the necessary evil associated with running their business. For some, it means sleepless nights, worrying and an ever-increasing pile of receipts and invoices on their desk. Whether this is due to a lack of time and an active business or simply a lack of desire to tackle the books, we at FDC Bureau Services are willing to take this burden off your hands.

Bureau Services
For every business regardless if its size it is of the utmost importance that the enterprise is complying with Revenue in terms VAT, PAYE, and RCT. These tax heads would be considered additional bureau services provided by FDC Accountants / Tax Consultants. The following details each service:


  • We provide payroll service on monthly, fortnightly or weekly service at your request.
  • Issue payslips for every employee.
  • Issue P45’s.
  • Calculate holiday pay.
  • Prepare monthly or quarterly P30 returns to Revenue.
  • Prepare annual P35 return.
  • Prepare P60’s for employee.
  • Calculate redundancy pay


  • Upkeep of sales journal.
  • Upkeep of purchases journal.
  • Calculation of VAT liability on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Preparation of VAT 3 return.
  • Completion of return of trading details form.