FDC provide search facilities for all of it's clients.
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Company Searches

FDC can provide you with immediate access to the original documents that companies have filed in the Companies Registration Office through our associates. By scrolling through a report you can click on any C.R.O document (filed since 1998) and a scanned image of the actual filed document will appear on your screen which you can then print, view or save.


Director Searches

FDC now receives updates sooner and more frequently than ever before, with more information:
Enhanced Director searching allows FDC to quickly identify, not only all current Directorships, but it tracks past Directorships too... giving you a complete picture of where a Director's been and which companies they have been involved with during their Directorship lifetime.


Name Searches

FDC can help you secure most suitable available names for your business.

Every so often company's change their name – making them very difficult to find if you are unaware of their new name. FDC can eliminates this problem by automatically searching previous and current company names. Helping you to identify the companies you're interested in, in the shortest time possible. We've also detailed a full history of name changes, with dates and names so you can be 100% sure you have the correct company.


Irish Company Status Change Alerts

 A company's status is always subject to change and can move from, for example, being Active to being on the Strike Off list in a day. With new Status Change Alert provided to FDC you will be immediately notified of any such change.

Every morning the status of every Irish and UK company on FDC monitoring list will be checked. If a company's status has changed from the previous day an email will be sent to you notifying you of this fact. You will be kept instantly informed of any changes.

Every company you seek information on is monitored by FDC so if any of these companies file an updated document we'll let you know.

We'll let you know as soon as any of the companies you have an interest in file a new document or change their status in the CRO. Keeping you one step ahead.


Other Search Options

Other search options like - Industry Search, Mortgage Search, New Companies Search, Liquidator/Receiver Search allows FDC to quickly identify a group of companies, by very specific search criteria.


UK Companies

UK Company documents can now be provided by FDC.