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A company registered under the Companies Acts 1963-2005 becomes a body corporate as and from the date mentioned in its certificate of incorporation. A company has separate legal personality - it is a separate and distinct legal person.

However, registration of a business name does not result in the creation of an entity with separate legal personality. Business name registration involves an individual partnership or company disclosing that he / she / they / it are carrying on business under a name which does not consist of the individuals name or the names of all partners or the corporate name, without any addition, as the case may be. The legal entity is the owner of the business name - the individual(s) or company which has/have registered the name. No new legal entity is created when the business name is registered.


The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement was established in 2001 in an effort to improve the environment for corporate activity in the Irish economy. A main feature of its activities is ensuring compliance of companies with their statutory obligations under Companies Acts 1963 – 2005. Company Directors are primarily responsible for ensuring such compliance with the Companies Registration Office.

Both the Director of Corporate Enforcement and the Companies Registration Office have authority to enforce substantial and progressively increasing late filing penalties, Companies and directors can be prosecuted for non compliance and directors can be struck off and prohibited from acting as directors in future.

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