FDC Taxation Services

The Tax Department was opened in 1989 by FDC Group who noted that tax was becoming, even at that time, a specialist subject.

Each year a Finance Act changes the Tax Laws. Keeping up to date with those changes in a way which allows the client to minimise tax is now a specialist skill in itself.

FDC Tax Department has been successful; in all areas of taxation. 

Success in FDC Taxation Department 

  1. Estate Planning and the structuring of Will for the future minimising of Inheritance Tax.
  2. Structuring the lifetime transfer of Assets to minimise Gift Tax.
  3. Minimising Capital Gains Tax on the disposal of development land.
  4. Minimising Capital Gains Tax on the disposal of lands in connection with a CPO.
  5. Avoiding the cost of VAT on the sale/lease of land.
  6. Utilising Company structures to minimise Income Tax for the individual.


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FDC Tax Department Limited, Private Limited Company Registerd in Ireland. Company No: 149077
Registered Office: FDC House, Wellington Road, Cork, Ireland.
V.A.T Registered No: IE 6546477D
Directors: Jack Murphy, James O'Brien, Pat Lane